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Our standard indoor modular based cabinets are made of an aluminum cabinet system that is scalable from the largest to smallest display. Standard module size allows for easy future upgrades from one pixel pitch to another. ACE's Indoor modules include two series, the XD Pro Series Fine Pitch and the XR Pro Series.


XD Pro Series modules are COB (Chip on Board) meaning they have the RGB chip packaged on the circuit boards. The XD Pro Series has .9mm to 1.9mm resulting in extremely high resolution displays with touch screen options.

XD Pro Series modules are extremely easy to maintain as they are completely front serviceable and can be wiped clean with water.

XD Pro Series modules are exceptionally durable with a LED failure rate of <10PPM. They are moisture proof, and can be stored in environments with higher humidity levels. In addition, the modules are impact proof and have electrostatic prevention.

*Specifications for XD Pro, XR Pro, and XF Pro Series modules can be viewed on desktop version.

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XR Pro Series modules use SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) are designed primarily for indoor use. The XR Pro Series features black diodes to provide high contrast for blacker blacks.

XR Pro Series modules are extremely easy to maintain as they are magnetic and both front and rear serviceable. Special made recyclable louvers aid in the protection of the pixels.

XR Pro Series modules are uniquely made with die cast aluminum to ensure a good splicing effect and to also allow for right angle screens. The modules are also made to be interchangeable with different pixel pitches.

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ACE Sports is a national provider of LED video boards and scoreboards.

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